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Body Wrap Shapewear Blog

The things we accessorize with

With summer travel plans in full effect, make sure you’re packing all the right things.  I’ve put together some of my must-have accessories for every trip.




















It’s crucial to have a cross-body bag when on vacation.  It’s easy for daytime and with the right fabric and color, can transfer into the perfect nighttime bag.  Another key accessory for traveling is a black pump.  Last minute business meeting or date night, you’re ready to go.  For jewelry, I always pack a pair of hoops and a bright colored necklace.  They’re both bold enough to polish off an outfit without needing other jewelry.  Lastly, I always bring my shapewear.  The Lift & Hide Cami is my go-to piece.  It provides support, seconds as a bra and smooths out all the “problem” areas without being exposed under my clothes.  Make your accessories work for you on your next vacation.
What are your gotta-have vacation accessories?

(Bag- Devi Kroell, Pumps- Diego Dolcini, Hoops- House of Waris, Necklace- Fallon; images from

Incorporating Pleats 101

This season, one of the biggest up and coming trends is the use of pleats. In almost any type of outfit, pleats can provide a chic, stylish way to add embellishment or to help make your outfit unique. Pair pleats with your favorite color, sweater, or mix and match to find a variety of fun new outfits.


One of the most popular forms of pleats is the pleated skirt. Often high cut and flowy (so you can get the most out of your pleats), these skirts flatter virtually any shape and body style. However, because pleats add volume, you want to make sure you wear them “correctly”. By making sure you are smooth and tucked away underneath, the pleats will add style, not width. Try Body Wrap’s seamless shapewear to help keep everything in place. The Seamless High-Waisted Long Leg Panty or High-Waist Slip are great options for skirts.

Another pleat trend to try this season is the use of pleats on blouses and tops. Generally the pleats are along the bust line, enhancing and drawing attention to your upper section. Once again, by wearing the proper undergarments you can ensure that there’s no embarrassment to drawing in attention. A comfortable Body Wrap Shapewear Body Suit is a great option here, keeping you covered from the chest down. Different styles and variations are also provided to help meet your needs.

There are several ways to wear pleats. Help stay in style this season by implementing them into your outfits. Paired with the perfect body smoothing shapewear underneath, you’ll have nothing to hide while being fashion forward.

White on white!

The “way” to wear white!  Fashion’s oldest rule of only wearing white between Memorial Day and Labor Day can officially kick into full force.  Key trends for summer are all white suits, peplums and unique necklines.  I can’t wait to get all three of these trends in my closet.

You’ll notice each silhouette has a hint of structure, where the eyes are drawn to a high-waistline.  Maybe you need a body sculpting piece of shapewear (The Slenderizer) or just of smoothing out of your bumps and bulges (The Slim Fit Boy Short), each of these will pair well with this season’s trends.  I highly suggest keeping your ‘unmentionables’ a nude or white shade to avoid showing them through your white clothes.

How are you incorporating white into your summer wardrobe?

(images via

MTV Movie Awards in style

Last night’s MTV Movie Awards were trending with two cool styles: peplums and menswear.  I tend to favor a more girly style, but worn correctly, this menswear trend can have just the right amount of sex appeal.

When wearing a peplum look, it’s all about the hips.  The peplum hits your body in a lot of our “problem areas” (stomach and hips).  I’d style my peplum mini with Superior Derriere.  I want a piece of shapewear that will pull in my hips and stomach while lifting my backside.  Both Emma Stone and Charlize Theron have such a romantic, high glam feel, while Julianne Hough’s look is edgy and playful with a cut out in the stomach.  I’m all for this peplum hip action!

Want to wear pants and still look and feel sexy?  All of these women last night did just that.  For a classic menswear look, like Janelle Monae, find a pant leg that’s slim fit and a suit coat that is tailored in at the waist.  This will accent your figure in all the right places.  If you’re looking for just a touch of menswear, like Shailene Woodley or Leighton Meester, pair a vest with pocket or button details, similar to a suit.  Either way, you want to make sure you’re figure beneath the menswear inspired looks is giving you an hourglass shape.  I wear a bodysuit under my menswear style to keep my shape girly!  Try one of these.

What was your favorite look or style from the MTV Movie Awards?

(Red Carpet Images from FabSugar)

We’re Mad About Mad Men Styles

The lady folk of AMC’s Mad Men have taken the fashion world by storm. Hailing from a TV show set in the 60s, these women dress the part – and they dress it well. With the likes of Elisabeth Moss, January Jones, and Christina Hendricks, these women help reenact the best of what 60s-style clothes have to offer. Incorporating bright colors, clean lines, and intricately patterned accessories, we simply can’t get enough of their style. … And, ok, we suppose the men are pretty dapperly dressed as well. John Hamm has never looked better in a suit.

What’s perhaps most impressive of all is the stylists attention to detail. The pantyhose, the corsets (we can only assume), body slimmers, and the gloves all make up this style. These actresses look as though they’re wearing actual petticoats and spend their pre-filming nights with curlers in their hair. They genuinely look like they stepped out of a time machine and into our televisions, just so the present day can enjoy 60s couture in high definition.


Mad Men Fashions

Making a Comeback?

Mad Men hasn’t been the only show to feature impressive 60s wear this season. Academy Award nominee The Help wowed us with prints and bouffants, and TV series Pan Am created a season of classy-dressed stewardesses both on and off duty.

But how do they do it? Do these actresses wear sexy bodyshapers and slimming body suits to achieve such flattering curves? Or is it the magic of television that adds to their aura? Either way, we can’t get enough of the characters of Mad Men. Set the DVR and make yourself a martini each Sunday night, and enjoy a dose of the best 1960s fashion.

Accessorizing the Bride-To-Be

With bridal season just around the corner I’ve picked out the perfect Body Wrap pieces to complete your look.  I know everyone tries to drop that last “5 pounds” to make the dress fit perfect but with all the pre-wedding celebrating it’s just not always possible.  With the launch of our bridal collection online (here), it’s easy for you to order and get shipped these pieces just in time for your special day.

I wanted to give you pieces that could work for all different styles of dresses and cuts.  Our bridal collection comes in both white and ivory for the perfect match to your dress.

Seamless Slenderizer with Molded Cups under Vera Wang

A strapless mermaid dress is trending for this season.  To get that ultra hourglass figure, try the Seamless Slenderizer with Molded Cups.  I like that it comes with or without straps and has the bra cups to add the extra support to your chest.  Since the Slenderizer goes down to mid-thigh length, it smoothes out your stomach, hips and thighs for an even, smooth look.

Seamless Catwalk High-Waist under Lela Rose

For those of you with an exposed back, you’ll want to try the Seamless Catwalk High-Waist.  This piece will give your thighs and hips the extra support.  I love the romantic feel to an exposed back and why not create a beautiful figure around it.  If your dress is a soft fabric with less structure/piping, this piece will help hide any extra bumps or unwanted curves that your dress might expose.

Seamless Pin Thin High-Waist under Monique Lhuillier

Say you’re looking to show a little leg or change into a cocktail styled dress for the reception, you can still keep your smooth figure with the Seamless Pin Thin High-Waist.  I love the structure in the middle of this dress, so the high waist shapewear will help smooth out your stomach to keep this look.  It helps give you that dainty, girly feel.

Pull Off 1920s Flair with These Body Wrap Essentials

Who doesn’t love incorporating a touch of retro into their wardrobe every now and then? Not only does it allow for a sense of nostalgia (even if the fashions were before your time), it’s a fun way to incorporate new styles into your wardrobe. One of the newest styles making a comeback are trends from the 20s – fringe skirts, flappers, sparkly headbands, and the whole bit. Adding fringe is fun and flirty, and the headbands or wraps add just a touch of flare to any outfit. The best part of 20s trends is you can have fun with them; incorporate as much or as little as you like.

Some 20s Looks to Try:

  • Fringe skirts and dresses. These are not only stylish, but can help hide any areas you may be self conscious about; the fringe is forgiving! A classic Body Wrap can also be incorporated to produce an overall smoothing and slimming effect.
  • Feather add-ons. For a bolder statement, create a feather piece (buy your own or transform a few crafting boas) to attach to a shoulder strap or sleeve.
  • Wrapover coats are another great accessory; pair one over a frock dress or shirt to create a classic roaring 20s look.  Wearing slimming shapwear underneath will only increase your confidence in this look.
  • Pair any of the above with a pixie haircut or a hanging necklace and you’ll be ready to give the 20s a whirl.

 Be Prepared:

As with any outfit, remember the proper undergarments are key. Remember to wear your Body Wrap slimming shapewear to create a successful look from start to finish, no matter which era of dress you choose.

Bridal goes online!

Body Wrap Bride launches online today!

Come by and shop our Bridal Collection.

Inspired by a book

Ever read a book that totally makes you want to go and put together different outfits or buy some new clothes?  I’m pages deep in The Impossible Collection of Fashion and I’m ready for a closet revamp.  The pictures are beautiful and have a vintage feel.  This book takes you on a walk through fashion history, showing different styles and silhouettes.  I love how silhouettes transform and return as years go by.

What better way to reinvent these silhouettes than with some great Body Wrap shapewear.  A lot of times I’ll have a shape I want to create with an outfit but my body isn’t quite working for me.  So, I’ll layer in some Body Wrap pieces to get that vintage hourglass look.

One of my favorite quotes from the book was said by Gabrielle Chanel, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”  It’s all in the details and the extras that you add to a look.  So call me ‘exposed’ for telling everyone that I wear shapewear, but they’ll remember me.

What books, movies or music enhances your personal style?

Styling THE Perfect Dress

Some of us have THAT outfit or THE perfect dress that requires a little extra planning to make sure our shape is just right for the draping and hugging the fabrics can do. I know I’m not alone here – right? I have a few secrets in my styling arsenal so dressing can be as spontaneous as my lifestyle, and I can rock any outfit with confidence. I’ve styled a few looks to show you my styling secrets to complete the outfit. These slimming and shaping pieces will give you the right amount of support to feel empowered and beautiful in your look.

For these looks, I chose Sheer by Body Wrap pieces for some light smoothing that also makes me feel as daring and sexy underneath the outfit. Great for warmer weather when a little extra breathability is a plus…

The Slim Fit Boy Short

I love an accordion pleat dress for summer.  It’s flirty and has a romantic touch.  The pleats tend to fall against the body, exposing your bumps and curves.  I’ll typically pair the Slim Fit Boy Short under to smooth out my unwanted bumps.  With these floral heels and stud earrings, you’re sure to turn some heads. (Dress, Earrings, Heels)

The Sculpt and Shape Bodysuit

This dress has great structure, highlighting an hourglass silhouette.  During summer I like to wear as little layers as possible.  The Sculpt and Shape Bodysuit works as a bra along with extra smoothing in my stomach.  Once I get my desired silhouette, colorful jewelry and a neutral wedge just finish the look off.  (Dress, Necklace, Wedges)

The Lift and Hide Cami

The butterfly sleeves are great for all shapes and sizes.  This belt, paired with the Lift and Hide Cami will give my body the hidden cinched waist.  Add in some white heels and colorful bangles to compliment your shape.  You can wear this to the pool, vacation or on a lunch date!  (Dress, Bangles, Heels)

Let your local Body Wrap style maven (a.k.a. me) know what styles you’re dying to wear but don’t know which Body Wrap pieces will help you perfect the look. I’ll help you style it!

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