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Body Wrap Shapewear Blog

National Conventions Show Opportunities For Shapewear

Despite all the heated conversations that swirl around during an election year, one of the most popular topics is always the fashion on display from the First Lady and wife of The President’s opponent. Well, this year is no different, as recent weeks have brought us both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, which prominently featured Michelle Obama and Anne Romney as opening night speakers. Not only did the two notable women draw praise for powerful endorsements of their respective husbands, but both looked stunning as assumed, wearing cute business professional dresses that accentuated their figures and personalities to a tee.

Since these styles will probably be flying off the shelves in coming weeks, I wanted to suggest some Shapewear to help keep you tight in all right the places when you’re out and about in these traditional dress types. To compliment a knee-length number that shows off your exposed arms like Mrs. Obama’s pretty pink one-piece, the Body Wrap Women’s Pinup with underwire would be perfect for slenderizing the waist, supporting your bust and then highlighting both. Or, if you want to mimic Mrs. Romney’s Republican red shirt-dress with the built-in belt, choose the Smooth Chic High-Waist, which tightens your mid-section and leaves enough leg exposed to show off when strutting around town or the office. Whatever style you choose though, make sure to browse Body Wrap’s entire selection of Lightweight Slimming and Shaping Bodysuits, where you’ll find the right compliment to any style – no matter how you’ll be voting this November.

Fall Weddings Call For Body Wrap Bride

Doesn’t it seem like wedding season has been going on forever this year? So far this summer, I’ve been to four weddings and still have two more on the schedule for fall. If these galas didn’t give me an excuse to get all dolled up, I might be bored with them. However, there’s nothing quite like looking your best in front of all the people you care about most, which has been the case throughout every one of these recent nuptials, thanks to the Body Wrap Bride Collection.


Whether I’ve been living it up at an over-the-top reception or twiddling my thumbs at one that needed a better DJ, my mood has stayed upbeat and ready to mingle with whomever, because the slimming shapewear keeps my confidence up and figure looking great. For any event that’s been overly formal and required a long gown, the Seamless Slenderizer has been my go-to, while the Seamless Pinup has been perfect for more casual ceremonies and a shorter dress. No matter the event, these must-have wedding items always keep me feeling right, tight and ready to dance – even after a piece a cake. And, that’s not easy.

Only a coat?

This Fall, I’m seeing the runways overflowing with coat styles.  These looks are dominated by the coat.  It adds structure to their bodies, it has a strong sense of style and gives the woman a confident stride.  There’s no need to take off your coat, they’re a style of their own.  I typically steer away from coats as I feel like they’re so bulky and I don’t find ones that have a great sense of style.  These, have changed my mind.  Compliment your hourglass silhouette in these coats with The Slenderizer or the full figure Pinup with Underwire.

(Images via Valentino, Stella McCartney, Jason Wu)

Seasonal Styles…In A Box?

As women, we’re always looking to stay on top of our look, incorporating all the latest fashion crazes into our everyday wardrobe. However, between work and holding down the homestead, finding time to research what direction the design world is headed can be easier said than done. That’s why we try to give our customers a heads up on industry trends. Today, we wanted to bring your attention to the innovative ideas manifesting over at Chicago-based boutique CakeStyle, which can save you time and keep you looking cute with little effort.

This week, the online-oriented startup has been making noise on the Internet for raising one million dollars in seed funding for their business model, which is bound to become incorporated into clothing companies across the board. What makes Cakestyle so unique is that they’ve taken a new approach to personal shopping, offering a service that essentially hand picks outfits for you and sends them to your door, based off size and style specifications you give up front. If you don’t like the clothes they choose, you can send them back for a refund at no charge. Or, if you absolutely love the look their professional stylists provide, you can turn their service into a seasonal ritual. Pretty cool, right? The concept is actually becoming so popular, in fact, there is now an alternative for men specifically, called Trunk Club – which shows the trend of these wardrobe-in-a-box shops is only heading up.

Ladies, do you feel a closet-filling service like CakeStyle provides is something you would ever use? Maybe even a a specially-selected shipment of Body Wrap Shapewear? Or, do you love shopping for yourself so much you’d never even consider letting anyone choose your clothing? We’d probably choose the pick our own wardrobe, but the idea is definitely innovative.

Oh, and while we’ve got your attention, we wanted to thank Teer Wayde over at Curves To Kill, for going out of her way to review select Body Wrap items like the Pin Thin, Seamless Underbust Bodysuit and the Pinup With Underwire. Not only did she provide potential Shape Wear customers with some great first-hand product details, the Australia-based design blog does a great job reviewing all featured items and we really appreciate their support.

Sheer Body Wrap at Fashion Week

Fashion weeks are in full force around the globe for Spring 2013.  I’m waiting in anticipation for the new silhouettes, trends and colors for next season.  Incorporating my shapewear into a trending silhouette is always on my mind each fashion week.  I want a look that’s cool and sexy but that I still feel confident and comfortable in.  A few silhouette trends for this fall are: cocooning, corsets and peplums.


The key to the cocooning look is to wear the over-sized coat with something slim fit under (Michael Angel).  The Slim Fit Boy Short is a great piece of shapewear for this look.

A good corset style will have a tight bodice and fuller fitting skirt (Dolce & Gabbana).  The Sculpt and Shape Bodysuit is great for smoothing out your mid-section and providing support to your bust.

The peplum trend is all about a tight silhouette with a ruffle around your natural waist (Bottega Veneta).  The Must Slip Under is perfect for providing a smooth hourglass shape to your body, ecsentuating your curves.

So, as you’re building your fall wardrobe, remember these trending silhouettes and shapewear pieces that work with them!

(images via

What Age Is OK For Shapewear?


Earlier this month, Good Morning America ran a piece asking if shapewear was bad for the health of teens. Citing unnecessary pressure on nerves and the organs as the reason for concern, the piece sent waves through the shapewaer community and essentially raised questions about what age was OK for teens to start wearing the slimming under attire. The fact of the matter is, shapewear is designed specifically to be fitted and wearing any item of tight clothing constantly can have negative affects on your body. This is why Body Wrap has always encouraged finding the right size and fit for our Seamless Shapewear products, so you’re not wearing a size that’s unnecessarily constricting.

More so, Body Wrap shapewear products are made with a patented weaving technology that strategically provide different levels of control and tension to key parts of your body, without suffocating your skin – a key that has always set our product apart from other brands. Our shapewear products provide natural support and still allows healthy blood flow throughout your body when worn in the proper size. Visit our fitting room for help finding the right size and how to wear.

If you’re at the age where shapewear is something you’re starting to consider, but unsure whether or not you should be wearing the products, consult with your parents before purchasing. Or, if shapewear is already part of your regular wardrobe, take into account these products should be selected in the size that works for your body.

What’s your Olympic style?

The Olympics are in full force with metals already being handed out.  I’m a huge Olympics fan.  My favorite sports to watch are gymnastics, swimming, beach volleyball and tennis.  With dreams of one day attending the Olympic games, I’ve put together some great looks to fill the stands with.  While traveling, less is more when it comes to your luggage.  I’ve put together some looks that could be worn to almost any event and be styled with a single piece of shapewear.   The Pinup with Underwire is a great everyday piece.  It’s providing support for your chest so you don’t need a bra, while also tucking and smoothing out your stomach for a great, smooth silhouette.

If you’re going to be attending an outdoor event, such as tennis or beach volleyball, this is the look for you.  London has temperamental summer weather so a mix of warm and cool pieces are key.  A simple, neutral flat will be comfortable and preppy with a sweater and skirt.

(Sweater- Alexander Wang, Skirt- Peony Pu, Bag- Marc by Marc Jacobs, Oxfords- Maison Martin Margiela)

If you’re moving indoors, for gymnastics or swimming, this can be the look for you.  A comfortable tailored trouser with a flowy blouse is cute and effortless.  I like a neutral tote bag and colorful sandal for my accessories.

(Blouse- Joie, Trousers- McQ by Alexander McQueen, Tote Bag- Salvatore Ferragamo, Sandals- Seychelles)

Make sure to tune into the Olympic games and support your home country.

Time for the perfect tank top

As summer is heating up, I’m always looking for tank tops that I can pair with my shapewear.  Something I’ve found really awesome about Body Wrap’s camis, are that they can also pair with a summer dress.  I could live in dresses.  These pieces three- Tank-Tastic, Lift & Hide Cami, Cinch & Lift Cami- are perfect for pairing with all different pieces in my wardrobe.

Each has a different strap and support system for my chest.  They’re also super light.  They smooth out my waist and supporting my back.  Most importantly for summer, is I want shapewear that’s breathable.  Less is more in summer.  The fact that I get a ‘barely there’ feel from each of these is perfect.

Try one of our tanks with your summer wardrobe.

Beat the Heat with Sheer Fashion
















Hiding behind layers is an old standby for those why may have insecurities about their bodies. It’s a fashionable way to avoid being too revealing with any outfit or piece of clothing. However, layers are hot, bulky and will make you want to sit inside where there’s air conditioning. And, as hot as the temperatures have been lately, this summer raises new challenges.

A simple way of avoiding the layered heat is to tack on sheer materials. Scarves, tops, hats, shawls can accomodate for air flow and sun – while still providing protection through peace of mind and modesty, making layers fashionable in even the hottest temperatures. Sheer accessories also provide a flowy, light summer look that can be worn to any seasonal event – from a simple lunch to an elegant wedding.

A great way to incorporate these items is through the help of Body Wrap’s slimming shapewear. Our Sheer Iridesscent collection offers a lightweight shaping option that is perfect for warmer weather. Coming in a variety of colors and styles, you can find one to fit any event, whether you need bottoms, tops, or an entire body shaper. These seamless and slimming body suits tuck in “problem” areas, for a smooth, flattering look in any outfit. Then, add on a sheer shawl or scarf for added fashion and comfort to ensure you’re ready for summer!

Update your style this summer by adding in sheer layers. To make personalize any outfit, check out Body Wrap’s selection of shapewear slimmers today.

Highlight your features

As Body Wrap has the perfect accessories for under my clothes, I wanted to share some ways to expose your beauty.  Every woman wants to feel pretty and confident.  Typically, I’ll look to my makeup to cover up anything I don’t want exposed.  Instead, this summer’s makeup trends are all about highlighting your features.

The eyes and lips are key for summer. 

This season try adding highlighting colors to your eyes.  For a tan or darker skintone, a milky white eyeshadow will pop and give your eyes are great daytime feel.  If you have a lighter skintone, try a hint of pink or gold to pop in a contrasting color.  For lips, keep them nude for daytime and bold for nightime.  The rest of your makeup should be subtle, keeping your look fresh and clean.

My shapewear makes me feel comfortable and I want that to show through every other piece of my look.  Think head-to-toe!

(Images via – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Balmain, Anna Sui)

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