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Party In Style This Holiday Season With The Pinup Body Suit

The Christmas season is upon us, which means your inevitably getting flooded with mass amounts of invitations to holiday soirées from friends, family and even work. But, with all the hustle and bustle this time of year, how are you supposed to stay on your A-game for your daily tasks and still look superior for each of those get-togethers? Well, have no fear, as Body Wrap has paired our Pinup W/Underwire Bodysuit with four different outfit options, which will each make you look so good you won’t even have to bring presents to the party.

Cocktail Dress – These semi-formal dresses are perennially cute, easy to wear and perfect for any type of holiday party, whether at work or amidst friends. Pair the piece with our Pinup w/Underwire to ensure a snug fit up top and around the mid-section.

V-Back Dress - If your party is an upscale affair, you may want to go with something more chic, such as this flashy version of Zara’s popular V-Back Dresses. Despite having long sleeves to compliment the short cut on bottom, this jaw-dropping one-piece is meant to show off your figure, which can be covertly enhanced with the Pinup w/Underwire.

Sweater & Skirt – Since there seems to be another gimmicky sweater party added to our calender every Christmas, this option makes sure you’re covering the necessities, but still coming dressed to impress. Just pair a light-colored mini-skirt with a snug sweater that has an appropriate holiday theme (not too ugly!). Then, wear the Pinup w/Underwire underneath everything to keep your stomach from exploding after eating all those holiday goodies.

Long-Sleeve Cocktail Dress – Casual but unconstrained, this long-sleeve get-up has always been a favorite for holiday parties, as the versatility it brings allows the dress to be worn not only to any event, but in any temperature. While the short skirt is ideal for Spring get togethers, it becomes perfect for Winter too, upon pairing the outfit with matching leggings and our Pinup w/Underwire to keep warm and accentuate your curves.

For a full selection of Body Wrap Lite Bodysuits and more like the Pinup W/Underwire, check out our full selection today and be prepared for your holiday party tomorrow.

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