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How to Wear: Maxi Skirts

One way to wear a Maxi Skirt, this one from Vince.

Maxi skirts may seem sweet for spring, but they are also flattering for winter. Flattering you say? Of course. Even if you’re teacup sized, maxi skirts can look great, especially if you’ve nipped and tucked with bodyshapers from BodyWrap.

Keep it Short on Top
Maxi skirts are long. Balance out the length with a cropped sweater. Be sure you’re giving yourself a waist with BoyWrap slimming underwear like the Superior Derrier High Waist.

Stay Casual
Because maxi skirts make a big impact, it’s best to keep things simple and casual on top. Go for a slim-fitting t-shirt, tucked in and a belt to define your waist. Give yourself all-over definition with the Seamless Bodysuit with Lace and Underwire.

Keep it Tight
When you have so much fabric below, you’ll want to keep the top nipped and slim. One trick is to wear a tight sweater dress tucked into the waistband. You’ll get great definition and stay warm in the depths of winter. Keep bulges at bay with body shapers like the BodyWrap Lites Pinup with Underwire.

Go for a High Waist
High-waisted skirts give you length, especially when you pair a high-waisted maxi skirt with a high heeled boot. Make the skirt lay perfectly with a body-slimming suit like the Catwalk High-Waist.

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