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Incorporate Shapewear Into Your Halloween Costume!

Until having kids, Halloween is one of the of the few holidays where we forget about family and focus on ourselves — releasing our inhibitions via costume parties and cocktails. Given our passion here at Body Wrap for all events that entail dressing up, we’ve put together a list of three easy costume ideas that each incorporate one of our many shapewear fashions. Whether you choose to wear them or not, just make sure you take it easy on the candy.

Yoga Instructor – Anyone that’s been to a Yoga class knows the outfits the instructors wear are typically tight, yet breathable. Well, couple our All-Inclusive Bodysuit with a few loose wristbands and some bare feet, and you’ll be looking the part in a matter of minutes.

Wonder Woman – This famous female wasn’t just the only lady to give Superman a run for his money, she’s also an excellent idea for a Halloween get-up! Simply pair our Organza Red Sculpt & Shape bodysuit with some royal blue, high waist boyshorts, a vanity crown kids crown and pair of tall white boots. For added flare, you can cut out stars and the WW logo, then tape them to the outfit (that way they won’t ruin the clothing). As far as her magic lasso goes? Well, you’re on your own for that one.

Pirate – We all know ladies love to show their booty for Halloween. However, dress as a pirate and you’ll inevitably be stealing their thunder with your classy and creative costume! All you need is our Catwalk High-Waist Capri, a puffy white shirt, a do-rag or two and a cheap pirate pack from any dollar store that includes a plastic hat and sword. From there, you can feel free to pillage whomever you like.

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