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Bundle up for winter

As I’m a sunny-weather-kind-of-woman, bundling up for winter must by in style.  I want a look that’s bold but still classy.  Fur and faux fur looks are trending for this coming winter.  The cozy appeal of a fur jacket has defintaly caught my eye this season.  Any woman can wear a fur coat.  The key is finding a cut and color that matches your style.  Fur can be edgy, boho and classy.

(Juicy Couture, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tom Ford- Images via

I am melting over the fur looks on the runways this season.  Each of these jackets can go with your little black dress for a holiday cocktail party or with dark jeans and a sheer blouse for a date night.  Although fur may be a step outside of your everyday look, like it is mine, it’s worth venturing into a new trend for a season.  Just like with shapewear.  I’m going to be wearing my Catwalk High-Waist with my fur jacket.  It’ll help give me an hourglass figure under all that fur-goodness.

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