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Combat Cold Temps With The Catwalk High-Waist Capri

One of the hardest parts about changing seasons is that wardrobes alter along with the weather. Shorts become pants and skirts become dresses, while tank tops become layers – underneath anything from a tunic to a turtleneck. Basically, all the opportunities to show off some skin are put on hold for a few months, while warmer fall and winter wardrobes attempt to keep you cozy and still maintain some style. But, just because you’ll be adding those extra layers soon doesn’t mean there isn’t room for Shapewear.

For outfits that incorporate pants – whether it be jeans or dress slacks, try adding the Cat-Walk High-Waist Capri. Reaching up to the bust and down below the knees, this all-inclusive one-piece slenderizes your thighs and waistline, making it ideal for helping you fit any new pants perfectly or even squeeze into an older pair. Plus, the snug fit of this Shapewear piece doubles as extra layering, making sure your body is insulated during those cold winter walks to your office.¬†Oh, and did we mention how good it makes your butt look? Yeah, that’s by design.

If you’ve factored in all those nice perks and think the Cat-Walk High-Waist Capri will slenderize your look over the holiday months, head to the Body Wrap shop and find the right color and size to match your preference today.

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