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London Fashion Week Shows Shapewear Potential

Doesn’t it seem like London is having all the fun lately? After setting the world abuzz with their brilliant delivery of the Olympics, this land of royalty is currently in the midst of their acclaimed Fashion Week – which showcases up & coming clothing trends, every February and September. Since most won’t make the trip to see the swanky event first hand, but will still want a heads up these trending styles, Body Wrap has partnered our three favorite looks from key designers with an appropriate Shapewear match.

Christopher Kane  - A bit more casual than most dresses walked down the runway, this canary yellow ensemble from the Scottish-born designer will lighten up any room you enter with it’s free-flowing design and welcoming color. Plus, when you partner it with Body Wrap Woman’s Strapless Pinup Bodysuit, the enhanced mid-section your Shapewear provides will compliment your exposed arms and lowers legs better than ever.


Simone Rocha – The sleek one piece above is from the daughter of legendary designer John Rocha and perfect for just about any formal get together, whether it be a work luncheon or night on the town. Partner this piece with a Body Wrap Women’s Pinup Thong w/underwire and you’ll really let the narrow design stand-out, while the refined waist design will compliment the dress’s exposed bottom.

Giles - Chic with a hint of vintage, the mesh inspiration put into this dress from British fashion legend will definitely have folks turning their heads when worn out in public. To maximize the wow factor this design promotes, pair it with a nude-colored The Cinch & Lift Cami to discretely enhance your bust and flatten your stomach, then watch the jaws hit the ground.

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