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Gwyneth Paltrow Named Hollywood’s Best Dressed

For around a decade, People Magazine has been naming the Best Dressed Woman in Hollywood. And, despite not having a marquee reputation for fashion, this trend-setting staple at grocery store check-out aisles everywhere typically draws praise for their picks, amongst readers and media alike. Well, their choice this year is no different, as the always elegant Gwyneth Paltrow has been given the chic connotation for 2012. To highlight the her fashionable fortitude, we’ve picked a few of stand-out styles from the Iron Man star and paired them perfectly with some Body Wrap Lite pieces that will help give our readers an A-list mindset, even when they’re not on the red carpet.

Take this grey, wool dress, for example. If you’re going somewhere that calls for both casual and classy attire, find a cute item in your closet that’s a similar cut to what Gwenyth is wearing above, with the exposed upper-chest and skirt riding right above the knees. Pair that with a Chic High-Waist and you’ll easily accentuate ¬†your curves and still show off enough skin to earn some quality attention.

There’s also options for upscale affairs. If you’re attending an event that calls for something similar to the shimmering one-piece Paltrow is pulling off above, then you might want to consider The Smooth Catwalk High-Waist, which tightens your mid-section and still allows your cleavage and legs to shine from those narrow cuts on the dress.

With Body Wrap Lite, you can pair just about any type of outfit you like with our slenderizing Shapewear and you’ll be feeling like Hollywood royalty in no time.



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  1. Mertcan says:

    Agree. When she performed at the Grammy’s with Cee Lo Green I felt esbrraamsed for her. I like him, his costumes, etc. I think he’s a great entertainer and the only reason that performance was any good was due to him and the other characters . Her attempt to dance was painful and her plastic surgery makes her face look weird. I applaud her for her effort but all I could think of what Olivia Newton John morphing into the bad girl at the end of Grease. She just needs to stick to acting. I really liked Great Expectations

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