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National Conventions Show Opportunities For Shapewear

Despite all the heated conversations that swirl around during an election year, one of the most popular topics is always the fashion on display from the First Lady and wife of The President’s opponent. Well, this year is no different, as recent weeks have brought us both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, which prominently featured Michelle Obama and Anne Romney as opening night speakers. Not only did the two notable women draw praise for powerful endorsements of their respective husbands, but both looked stunning as assumed, wearing cute business professional dresses that accentuated their figures and personalities to a tee.

Since these styles will probably be flying off the shelves in coming weeks, I wanted to suggest some Shapewear to help keep you tight in all right the places when you’re out and about in these traditional dress types. To compliment a knee-length number that shows off your exposed arms like Mrs. Obama’s pretty pink one-piece, the Body Wrap Women’s Pinup with underwire would be perfect for slenderizing the waist, supporting your bust and then highlighting both. Or, if you want to mimic Mrs. Romney’s Republican red shirt-dress with the built-in belt, choose the Smooth Chic High-Waist, which tightens your mid-section and leaves enough leg exposed to show off when strutting around town or the office.¬†Whatever style you choose though, make sure to browse Body Wrap’s entire selection of Lightweight Slimming and Shaping Bodysuits, where you’ll find the right compliment to any style – no matter how you’ll be voting this November.

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