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Seasonal Styles…In A Box?

As women, we’re always looking to stay on top of our look, incorporating all the latest fashion crazes into our everyday wardrobe. However, between work and holding down the homestead, finding time to research what direction the design world is headed can be easier said than done. That’s why we try to give our customers a heads up on industry trends. Today, we wanted to bring your attention to the innovative ideas manifesting over at Chicago-based boutique CakeStyle, which can save you time and keep you looking cute with little effort.

This week, the online-oriented startup has been making noise on the Internet for raising one million dollars in seed funding for their business model, which is bound to become incorporated into clothing companies across the board. What makes Cakestyle so unique is that they’ve taken a new approach to personal shopping, offering a service that essentially hand picks outfits for you and sends them to your door, based off size and style specifications you give up front. If you don’t like the clothes they choose, you can send them back for a refund at no charge. Or, if you absolutely love the look their professional stylists provide, you can turn their service into a seasonal ritual. Pretty cool, right? The concept is actually becoming so popular, in fact, there is now an alternative for men specifically, called Trunk Club – which shows the trend of these wardrobe-in-a-box shops is only heading up.

Ladies, do you feel a closet-filling service like CakeStyle provides is something you would ever use? Maybe even a a specially-selected shipment of Body Wrap Shapewear? Or, do you love shopping for yourself so much you’d never even consider letting anyone choose your clothing? We’d probably choose the pick our own wardrobe, but the idea is definitely innovative.

Oh, and while we’ve got your attention, we wanted to thank Teer Wayde over at Curves To Kill, for going out of her way to review select Body Wrap items like the Pin Thin, Seamless Underbust Bodysuit and the Pinup With Underwire. Not only did she provide potential Shape Wear customers with some great first-hand product details, the Australia-based design blog does a great job reviewing all featured items and we really appreciate their support.

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