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Sheer Body Wrap at Fashion Week

Fashion weeks are in full force around the globe for Spring 2013.  I’m waiting in anticipation for the new silhouettes, trends and colors for next season.  Incorporating my shapewear into a trending silhouette is always on my mind each fashion week.  I want a look that’s cool and sexy but that I still feel confident and comfortable in.  A few silhouette trends for this fall are: cocooning, corsets and peplums.


The key to the cocooning look is to wear the over-sized coat with something slim fit under (Michael Angel).  The Slim Fit Boy Short is a great piece of shapewear for this look.

A good corset style will have a tight bodice and fuller fitting skirt (Dolce & Gabbana).  The Sculpt and Shape Bodysuit is great for smoothing out your mid-section and providing support to your bust.

The peplum trend is all about a tight silhouette with a ruffle around your natural waist (Bottega Veneta).  The Must Slip Under is perfect for providing a smooth hourglass shape to your body, ecsentuating your curves.

So, as you’re building your fall wardrobe, remember these trending silhouettes and shapewear pieces that work with them!

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