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What Age Is OK For Shapewear?


Earlier this month, Good Morning America ran a piece asking if shapewear was bad for the health of teens. Citing unnecessary pressure on nerves and the organs as the reason for concern, the piece sent waves through the shapewaer community and essentially raised questions about what age was OK for teens to start wearing the slimming under attire. The fact of the matter is, shapewear is designed specifically to be fitted and wearing any item of tight clothing constantly can have negative affects on your body. This is why Body Wrap has always encouraged finding the right size and fit for our Seamless Shapewear products, so you’re not wearing a size that’s unnecessarily constricting.

More so, Body Wrap shapewear products are made with a patented weaving technology that strategically provide different levels of control and tension to key parts of your body, without suffocating your skin – a key that has always set our product apart from other brands. Our shapewear products provide natural support and still allows healthy blood flow throughout your body when worn in the proper size. Visit our fitting room for help finding the right size and how to wear.

If you’re at the age where shapewear is something you’re starting to consider, but unsure whether or not you should be wearing the products, consult with your parents before purchasing. Or, if shapewear is already part of your regular wardrobe, take into account these products should be selected in the size that works for your body.

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