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Beat the Heat with Sheer Fashion
















Hiding behind layers is an old standby for those why may have insecurities about their bodies. It’s a fashionable way to avoid being too revealing with any outfit or piece of clothing. However, layers are hot, bulky and will make you want to sit inside where there’s air conditioning. And, as hot as the temperatures have been lately, this summer raises new challenges.

A simple way of avoiding the layered heat is to tack on sheer materials. Scarves, tops, hats, shawls can accomodate for air flow and sun – while still providing protection through peace of mind and modesty, making layers fashionable in even the hottest temperatures. Sheer accessories also provide a flowy, light summer look that can be worn to any seasonal event – from a simple lunch to an elegant wedding.

A great way to incorporate these items is through the help of Body Wrap’s slimming shapewear. Our Sheer Iridesscent collection offers a lightweight shaping option that is perfect for warmer weather. Coming in a variety of colors and styles, you can find one to fit any event, whether you need bottoms, tops, or an entire body shaper. These seamless and slimming body suits tuck in “problem” areas, for a smooth, flattering look in any outfit. Then, add on a sheer shawl or scarf for added fashion and comfort to ensure you’re ready for summer!

Update your style this summer by adding in sheer layers. To make personalize any outfit, check out Body Wrap’s selection of shapewear slimmers today.

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