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We’re Mad About Mad Men Styles

The lady folk of AMC’s Mad Men have taken the fashion world by storm. Hailing from a TV show set in the 60s, these women dress the part – and they dress it well. With the likes of Elisabeth Moss, January Jones, and Christina Hendricks, these women help reenact the best of what 60s-style clothes have to offer. Incorporating bright colors, clean lines, and intricately patterned accessories, we simply can’t get enough of their style. … And, ok, we suppose the men are pretty dapperly dressed as well. John Hamm has never looked better in a suit.

What’s perhaps most impressive of all is the stylists attention to detail. The pantyhose, the corsets (we can only assume), body slimmers, and the gloves all make up this style. These actresses look as though they’re wearing actual petticoats and spend their pre-filming nights with curlers in their hair. They genuinely look like they stepped out of a time machine and into our televisions, just so the present day can enjoy 60s couture in high definition.


Mad Men Fashions

Making a Comeback?

Mad Men hasn’t been the only show to feature impressive 60s wear this season. Academy Award nominee The Help wowed us with prints and bouffants, and TV series Pan Am created a season of classy-dressed stewardesses both on and off duty.

But how do they do it? Do these actresses wear sexy bodyshapers and slimming body suits to achieve such flattering curves? Or is it the magic of television that adds to their aura? Either way, we can’t get enough of the characters of Mad Men. Set the DVR and make yourself a martini each Sunday night, and enjoy a dose of the best 1960s fashion.

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