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Pull Off 1920s Flair with These Body Wrap Essentials

Who doesn’t love incorporating a touch of retro into their wardrobe every now and then? Not only does it allow for a sense of nostalgia (even if the fashions were before your time), it’s a fun way to incorporate new styles into your wardrobe. One of the newest styles making a comeback are trends from the 20s – fringe skirts, flappers, sparkly headbands, and the whole bit. Adding fringe is fun and flirty, and the headbands or wraps add just a touch of flare to any outfit. The best part of 20s trends is you can have fun with them; incorporate as much or as little as you like.

Some 20s Looks to Try:

  • Fringe skirts and dresses. These are not only stylish, but can help hide any areas you may be self conscious about; the fringe is forgiving! A classic Body Wrap can also be incorporated to produce an overall smoothing and slimming effect.
  • Feather add-ons. For a bolder statement, create a feather piece (buy your own or transform a few crafting boas) to attach to a shoulder strap or sleeve.
  • Wrapover coats are another great accessory; pair one over a frock dress or shirt to create a classic roaring 20s look.  Wearing slimming shapwear underneath will only increase your confidence in this look.
  • Pair any of the above with a pixie haircut or a hanging necklace and you’ll be ready to give the 20s a whirl.

 Be Prepared:

As with any outfit, remember the proper undergarments are key. Remember to wear your Body Wrap slimming shapewear to create a successful look from start to finish, no matter which era of dress you choose.

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