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Make Sundresses Shine with Body Wrap

It’s time to show off your shoulders now that spring has arrived, and what better way than with a pretty sundress. The best way to make your sundress look warm-weather sexy is with body-shaping underwear.

The Slenderizer

Just like the name implies, The Slenderizer trims the tummy and lifts the derriere so you’re slim and sexy. Strapless, this bodysuit works well with spaghetti straps and strapless numbers.

The SlenderizerThe Pin Up

You’ll look ready for your closeup with this slimming bodysuit. This genius bodyshaper slims the tummy and lifts the bust. We love this with a sundress that shows a little sneak peak of your bust.

The PinupThe Catwalk Highwaist

Great for longer dresses like your favorite summer maxi-dress, the Catwalk Highwaist gives your butt shape without showing a panty line.

The Catwalk High-Waist

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