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Be Prom Pretty with Body Wrap

Senior prom is something you’ve waited for since you were a freshman. Be sure you look great in your prom pictures with Body Wrap bodyshapers.

Low neckline

If your prom dress has a low neckline, choose a Bodywrap that allows you to wear the right support for your dress. We like the Seamless Underbust Bodysuit.

All-over supportIf you’re looking for support from derriere to bust, try the All-inclusive bodyshaping bodysuit. It’ll make tight, slinky prom dresses look great from head to toe.

Full-figure support

If you are what my mom called rubenesque, you’ll love our full-figure bodyshapers. While some bodyshaping underwear is made for people just as skinny as the next person, our full-figure body shapers make your figure look pin-up good. A good basic piece to go with your prom dress is The Pinup.

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