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Wear White This Spring

We’re entering that time of the year where it is acceptable to wear white. White pants, white shirts, and white shoes. Of course, wearing white comes with its own set of foundation garment issues.

White Pants

The trick to white pants is making it look like you don’t have underwear on at all. The best way to do this is with body-shaping underwear. Body-shaping underwear not only lifts the derriere and slims the waste, if you choose bodyshapers in a nude color, you can wear white pants without panty lines.


White Skirts

Just like white pants, white skirts also tend to show off your underwear. Nude bodyshapers solve this problem. Try a style like this bodyshaping underwear and be spring ready:


White Shorts

While some body shaping underwear makes it difficult to wear shorts, bodyshaping briefs allow you to wear shorts (or short skirts) without anyone knowing your foundation garment secrets.

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