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Our Favorite Fashion Movies

Style inspiration comes from anywhere, but we have a few favorite movies that always inspire our fashion. Give these a view.


1. Unzipped: Watch a pre-Target Izaac Mizrahi be his fabulous 90s self. And who is that I spy? Naomi, Cindy, Kate, Christy, and Linda? Mizrahi’s star may have since faded, but this remains a fantastic movie about making fashion.

2. Bill Cunningham New York: Forget The Sartorialist, Bill Cunningham is the original street style photographer, and quite the eccentric (and oh so kind and polite). By the time you’re done with this movie, you’ll be contemplating the feasibility of renting a teeny, tiny apartment in New York so you can take pictures of the pretty people.

3. The September Issue: Regardless of how you feel about Wintour, you’ll be dazzled by the effort and skill that goes into making this amazing magazine.

4. L’Amour Fou: A peek at Yves Saint Laurent’s life through the lense of his long-time creative and romantic partner, Pierre Berge.

5. Seamless: Names that are big now that weren’t when this was made in 2005 compete for Vogue’s CFDA Fashion Fund award: Alexandre Plokhov of Cloak; Lazaro Hernandez & Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler; and Doo Ri Chung of Doo.Ri.

Fashion-Forward Films

1. Funny Face: A lot of people might go with Breakfast at Tiffany’s for their Audrey Hepburn fashion fix, but Funny Face is really our favorite. Who can forget this scene (and that outfit!)

2. Annie Hall: Fashion isn’t just looking like a stylist got a hold of you, it also means wearing what is you, and no one did this better than Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. Her hat, man’s tie, shirt, waistcoat and wide-leg pants appeared simultaneously polished yet just thrown on. Something we all strive for in our everyday fashion!

3. It: Made in 1927, this features Clara Bow doing her very best impression of being Clara Bow. You’ll dress like a flapper for a week after watching this .

Clara Bow, the original It girl

4. Gentlemen Prefer Blonds: Marilyn Monroe sings “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” need we say more?

5. Downton Abbey: Not a movie, but don’t you just want to wear everything on this show? I see drop waists coming back on the power of Lady Mary’s costumes alone.


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