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Body Wrap Shapewear Blog

Roll with the curves

This winter’s major trend is leaning towards showing off your curves.  What else could we ask for, right?  I’m all about believing in each women’s body being different and finding a way to highlight each person’s best assets.  This curving trend is playful and exaggerated.  Here are a few of my favorite curving styles:

(Kenzo, Lanvin, Stella McCartney, Thakoon, Giorgio Armani from

From pant-suits to cocktail parties, the curves are bold and beautiful.  Bodywrap pieces are made for a woman’s curves.  The lighter pieces were made to smooth out any unwanted bumps while the everyday pieces are made to help contour the whole body.  With these trending curves, here are a few of my favorite Bodywrap pieces that you’ll need for this winter’s trend:

(Strapless Pinup,Slim Fit Boy ShortThe All Inclusive)

Party In Style This Holiday Season With The Pinup Body Suit

The Christmas season is upon us, which means your inevitably getting flooded with mass amounts of invitations to holiday soirées from friends, family and even work. But, with all the hustle and bustle this time of year, how are you supposed to stay on your A-game for your daily tasks and still look superior for each of those get-togethers? Well, have no fear, as Body Wrap has paired our Pinup W/Underwire Bodysuit with four different outfit options, which will each make you look so good you won’t even have to bring presents to the party.

Cocktail Dress – These semi-formal dresses are perennially cute, easy to wear and perfect for any type of holiday party, whether at work or amidst friends. Pair the piece with our Pinup w/Underwire to ensure a snug fit up top and around the mid-section.

V-Back Dress - If your party is an upscale affair, you may want to go with something more chic, such as this flashy version of Zara’s popular V-Back Dresses. Despite having long sleeves to compliment the short cut on bottom, this jaw-dropping one-piece is meant to show off your figure, which can be covertly enhanced with the Pinup w/Underwire.

Sweater & Skirt – Since there seems to be another gimmicky sweater party added to our calender every Christmas, this option makes sure you’re covering the necessities, but still coming dressed to impress. Just pair a light-colored mini-skirt with a snug sweater that has an appropriate holiday theme (not too ugly!). Then, wear the Pinup w/Underwire underneath everything to keep your stomach from exploding after eating all those holiday goodies.

Long-Sleeve Cocktail Dress – Casual but unconstrained, this long-sleeve get-up has always been a favorite for holiday parties, as the versatility it brings allows the dress to be worn not only to any event, but in any temperature. While the short skirt is ideal for Spring get togethers, it becomes perfect for Winter too, upon pairing the outfit with matching leggings and our Pinup w/Underwire to keep warm and accentuate your curves.

For a full selection of Body Wrap Lite Bodysuits and more like the Pinup W/Underwire, check out our full selection today and be prepared for your holiday party tomorrow.

Incorporate Shapewear Into Your Halloween Costume!

Until having kids, Halloween is one of the of the few holidays where we forget about family and focus on ourselves — releasing our inhibitions via costume parties and cocktails. Given our passion here at Body Wrap for all events that entail dressing up, we’ve put together a list of three easy costume ideas that each incorporate one of our many shapewear fashions. Whether you choose to wear them or not, just make sure you take it easy on the candy.

Yoga Instructor – Anyone that’s been to a Yoga class knows the outfits the instructors wear are typically tight, yet breathable. Well, couple our All-Inclusive Bodysuit with a few loose wristbands and some bare feet, and you’ll be looking the part in a matter of minutes.

Wonder Woman – This famous female wasn’t just the only lady to give Superman a run for his money, she’s also an excellent idea for a Halloween get-up! Simply pair our Organza Red Sculpt & Shape bodysuit with some royal blue, high waist boyshorts, a vanity crown kids crown and pair of tall white boots. For added flare, you can cut out stars and the WW logo, then tape them to the outfit (that way they won’t ruin the clothing). As far as her magic lasso goes? Well, you’re on your own for that one.

Pirate – We all know ladies love to show their booty for Halloween. However, dress as a pirate and you’ll inevitably be stealing their thunder with your classy and creative costume! All you need is our Catwalk High-Waist Capri, a puffy white shirt, a do-rag or two and a cheap pirate pack from any dollar store that includes a plastic hat and sword. From there, you can feel free to pillage whomever you like.

To find the recommended items and more, visit the Body Wrap store for a complete selection of shapewear products.

Beyonce Scores Super Bowl Gig

After a string of mediocre Super Bowl half-time performances that included Madonna and the Black Eyed Peas, the NFL may have found a winner, by choosing Beyonce as the mid-game entertainment for the upcoming event in February. Seeing as the halftime show and commercials are pretty much the only parts of this big game most ladies care about, choosing the former Destiny’s Child star definitely means more woman will be tuning in this year than ever. Since Jay-Z’s wife has always been known for her sense of style, here are three of our favorite extravagant outfits she’s sported over the years – all of which can be pieced together with The Pinup w/Underwire or Sculpt Shape Bodysuit from Body Wrap.

2011 Billboard Awards - During her performance of “Who Runs The World? (Girls),” Lady Be not only blew the roof off the building, but left most male attendees picking their jaw off the ground with her metallic-string one-piece. Even though it seems completely revealing, The Pinup w/Underwire would stay within the confines of the exposing dress, as well as tighten your torso and blend with appropriate skin tones.

2009 Oscars - While performing a tribute to musicals alongside Hugh Jackman during film’s biggest night, the singer sported a shiny red-sequenced number, with skin-tone leggings and shoulder-length gloves. But, the bulk of the outfit still only covered her upper body, which can be complemented perfectly with Sculpt Shape Bodysuit.

2009 MTV Music Awards - Before Kanye came on stage and ruined the event, Beyonce performed her Video Of The Year-winning single “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” and tore the house down with a breakthrough performance. For a legless, slightly see-through one-piece like Bey wore that big night, The Pinup w/Underwire would allow the dress to shine, while still discretely tightening your upper-half.

If you’ve got a fancy get-together or performance where you’re going to be showing off a lot of leg and still want to slim your upper-body, consider pairing your outfit with the The Pinup w/Underwire or Sculpt Shape Bodysuit for award-winning results.

Bundle up for winter

As I’m a sunny-weather-kind-of-woman, bundling up for winter must by in style.  I want a look that’s bold but still classy.  Fur and faux fur looks are trending for this coming winter.  The cozy appeal of a fur jacket has defintaly caught my eye this season.  Any woman can wear a fur coat.  The key is finding a cut and color that matches your style.  Fur can be edgy, boho and classy.

(Juicy Couture, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tom Ford- Images via

I am melting over the fur looks on the runways this season.  Each of these jackets can go with your little black dress for a holiday cocktail party or with dark jeans and a sheer blouse for a date night.  Although fur may be a step outside of your everyday look, like it is mine, it’s worth venturing into a new trend for a season.  Just like with shapewear.  I’m going to be wearing my Catwalk High-Waist with my fur jacket.  It’ll help give me an hourglass figure under all that fur-goodness.

Incorporate Mila Kunis’ Sexy Style Into Your Wardrobe

The title “Sexiest Woman Alive” is not one that gets thrown around loosely. Yet, most folks would have a hard time arguing Hollywood starlet Mila Kunis doesn’t deserve the accolade, which was given to her this week by Esquire magazine. However, for as naturally beautiful as this former That 70s Show star is on any given day, a lot of her allure comes from a great sense of style – which seems to adapt perfectly to any surrounding. To help you ladies soak up some of Mila’s chameleon-like charm and add a lil’ more sexy into your everyday routine, we’ve highlighted three completely different outfits from the cute brunette and paired them with some appropriate Body Wrap products to tighten up the look.

Casual Wear – To compliment your everyday wear as well Mila pulls off this short cotton skirt and flowing purple top, pair a similarly cute two-piece and throwover with our beige Seamless Camisol. Pairing easy-going wear with this Lites Lace piece will slenderize both your torso and thighs, while still allowing for a practical and comfortable look. (Shop Now)

Night On The Town – When going out calls for more than just jeans, consider pairing a slimming one-piece like the Ted star is wearing above with Body Wrap Lite’s Slenderizer bra slip. Meant to form-fit underneath most tight, club-ready dresses, this piece will have you feeling like a star – whether you’re at a a big movie premier or your local hot spot. (Shop Now)

Formal Attire – Certain events call for a dress, while others call for a gown. If you happen to be attending a high-class get-together or work-related event and want to look as good as Mila did at the Oscars, the Smooth Chic High-Waist is perfect for tightening your mid-section and still letting the dress design expose some skin. (Shop Now)

To help your wardrobe increase it’s sexy and work towards giving Mila a run for her current crown, browse our complete selection of slenderizing products today.

WI News Anchor Boosts Confidence Of Full-Figured Females


Many of you probably heard about the Wisconsin TV news anchor, who received fan mail condemning her for weight issues and responded with a heartfelt message to viewers, candidly speaking on the situation and inner-beauty.

Well, first of all, we applaud Jennifer Livingston for her courageousness and ability to publicly acknowledge the situation, in a manner that will benefit those with weight difficulties. Since most women have had their fair share of ups and downs on the scale, many of us know this is a touchy topic and definitely not something anyone should be patronized for. Thats said, we’re aware many plus-sized ladies are still somewhat self-conscious and always looking for solutions to slim their appearance – which is why Body Wrap carries Full Figure Shapewear.

Built to contour your curves, these sleek and comfortable undergarments are made for those of us who prefer to embrace our natural beauty. They’re available  in three different styles – Bodysuits, Camis and Bottoms – which each having multiple design options, that offer support solutions for any outfit in your closet. Plus, since they’re available in sizes 1X to 3X, these seamless one-pieces accommodate the figure of most plus-sized women.

If you too would like to show off your added beauty – browse our full selection of Full Figure Shapewear today and feel great tomorrow.

Combat Cold Temps With The Catwalk High-Waist Capri

One of the hardest parts about changing seasons is that wardrobes alter along with the weather. Shorts become pants and skirts become dresses, while tank tops become layers – underneath anything from a tunic to a turtleneck. Basically, all the opportunities to show off some skin are put on hold for a few months, while warmer fall and winter wardrobes attempt to keep you cozy and still maintain some style. But, just because you’ll be adding those extra layers soon doesn’t mean there isn’t room for Shapewear.

For outfits that incorporate pants – whether it be jeans or dress slacks, try adding the Cat-Walk High-Waist Capri. Reaching up to the bust and down below the knees, this all-inclusive one-piece slenderizes your thighs and waistline, making it ideal for helping you fit any new pants perfectly or even squeeze into an older pair. Plus, the snug fit of this Shapewear piece doubles as extra layering, making sure your body is insulated during those cold winter walks to your office. Oh, and did we mention how good it makes your butt look? Yeah, that’s by design.

If you’ve factored in all those nice perks and think the Cat-Walk High-Waist Capri will slenderize your look over the holiday months, head to the Body Wrap shop and find the right color and size to match your preference today.

London Fashion Week Shows Shapewear Potential

Doesn’t it seem like London is having all the fun lately? After setting the world abuzz with their brilliant delivery of the Olympics, this land of royalty is currently in the midst of their acclaimed Fashion Week – which showcases up & coming clothing trends, every February and September. Since most won’t make the trip to see the swanky event first hand, but will still want a heads up these trending styles, Body Wrap has partnered our three favorite looks from key designers with an appropriate Shapewear match.

Christopher Kane  - A bit more casual than most dresses walked down the runway, this canary yellow ensemble from the Scottish-born designer will lighten up any room you enter with it’s free-flowing design and welcoming color. Plus, when you partner it with Body Wrap Woman’s Strapless Pinup Bodysuit, the enhanced mid-section your Shapewear provides will compliment your exposed arms and lowers legs better than ever.


Simone Rocha – The sleek one piece above is from the daughter of legendary designer John Rocha and perfect for just about any formal get together, whether it be a work luncheon or night on the town. Partner this piece with a Body Wrap Women’s Pinup Thong w/underwire and you’ll really let the narrow design stand-out, while the refined waist design will compliment the dress’s exposed bottom.

Giles - Chic with a hint of vintage, the mesh inspiration put into this dress from British fashion legend will definitely have folks turning their heads when worn out in public. To maximize the wow factor this design promotes, pair it with a nude-colored The Cinch & Lift Cami to discretely enhance your bust and flatten your stomach, then watch the jaws hit the ground.

Gwyneth Paltrow Named Hollywood’s Best Dressed

For around a decade, People Magazine has been naming the Best Dressed Woman in Hollywood. And, despite not having a marquee reputation for fashion, this trend-setting staple at grocery store check-out aisles everywhere typically draws praise for their picks, amongst readers and media alike. Well, their choice this year is no different, as the always elegant Gwyneth Paltrow has been given the chic connotation for 2012. To highlight the her fashionable fortitude, we’ve picked a few of stand-out styles from the Iron Man star and paired them perfectly with some Body Wrap Lite pieces that will help give our readers an A-list mindset, even when they’re not on the red carpet.

Take this grey, wool dress, for example. If you’re going somewhere that calls for both casual and classy attire, find a cute item in your closet that’s a similar cut to what Gwenyth is wearing above, with the exposed upper-chest and skirt riding right above the knees. Pair that with a Chic High-Waist and you’ll easily accentuate  your curves and still show off enough skin to earn some quality attention.

There’s also options for upscale affairs. If you’re attending an event that calls for something similar to the shimmering one-piece Paltrow is pulling off above, then you might want to consider The Smooth Catwalk High-Waist, which tightens your mid-section and still allows your cleavage and legs to shine from those narrow cuts on the dress.

With Body Wrap Lite, you can pair just about any type of outfit you like with our slenderizing Shapewear and you’ll be feeling like Hollywood royalty in no time.



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